Our Pastor

Pastor Allen E. Williams


Pastor Allen E. Williams, call to ministry began through a dream when he was 8 years old. He dreamt he would spearhead a great revival in the United States were multitudes would receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. When he told his mother of the dream, her response was, “God is going to use you in a mighyt way some day, son.”


Over the years and through every experience of his life God’s hand began to mold and shape him for that great opportunity. The wheels were set in motion through his prayer and desire to be a good husband to his wife Cassandra. He recalls the response to that prayer being the first time he heard God clearly speak in his heart.


He understood it to be God’s voice because he knew it wasn’t his or this sinful world’s or of Satan or his demonic servants. The voice he heard simply said, “Go to Church.” Because church was the last place on earth he wanted to go, he thought he could postpone things by asking a more difficult thing of God through his pray.


Not understanding God’s omniscient, he asked, “What church shall I go to?” Before he could elaborate on the request, God responded with “Join your uncle’s church.” In going, he would say many years later that it was the first indication of his love for God. He realized this when he read, “If you love Me, keep (obey) My commandments.”


After receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior he sat through seven of the worst years of his Christian life going to church, when God spoke to him the second time in his life with these words, “Salvation is of the Lord.”


During those seven miserable years in the church he was looking to his mother, his pastor and the church to do for him what only God could do for him – transform his life.


His lifelong ministry was established by God through those seven tough years to be reconciliation.


God is using him to bring those who are seeking God into a right relationship with Him through belief in Jesus Christ and bring those in a right relationship with God through belief in Jesus Christ into a more intimate, personal, fulfilling and loving relationship with Him.


On November 15, 2009 God moved him even closer to his destiny when he was installed as Pastor of The Glorious Church where he has begun the next phase of his preparation towards realizing the dream God gave him at 8 years of age.


He spends his time laboring in prayer, study and ministry at his uncle’s church, of restoring God’s plan one soul at a time by meeting the needs of the people where they are.


Pastor Allen devotes his life to the kingdom of God. God has blessed Pastor Allen with many gifts such as teaching, counseling, writing, and playing the piano. He is known for his profound way of breaking down scripture so that all can understand. His passion and love for the Glorious church can be seen by everyone who come in contact with.


He is a loving and caring man of God, who has always helped people in any way. Pastor Allen personal ministry is that of reconciliation, to restore the lost and broken back into a right relationship with God. He is a man of dignity, strength, courage and honor.


He loves his work in Christ Jesus at The Glorious Church and is humbled by God’s choice of him for this ministry. His work continues.