Kid's Corner

I Will Pray For My Church Leaders

1 Timothy 3: 2 - 5


In this session, we will see that Scripture calls church members to be watchful to pray for the pastor and other church leaders on a regular basis.


Pastors and church leaders have a difficult job and yet shepherding souls is a huge responsibility.


Satan knows that if he take out the pastor, the sheep will scatter. Your pastor and church leaders need your prayers more than you could ever know.


Will you pray for the pastor and other church leaders



Pray for the Pastor and Church Leaders

  • Who is the Pastor in your Church? __________________________


  • Who are the Church leaders in your Church? _______________


God ask us to pray for our pastors and church leaders. Find 1 Timothy 3:1- 5 and fill in the blank.

Here is a __________________ saying: Whoever aspires to be an ____________________ desires a noble task. Now the ______________

Is to be above ___________________, _________________ to his wife, ____________________, _______________________, ____________________

_____________________, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not to violent but _______________, not quarrelsome, not lover of money.